SWA3 Single Section Wall Cabinet

SWA3 series are accordance with ANSI/EIA RS 310- D and certified by UL, CE, and has passed ISO 9001. 19” Wall racks offer of complete network supplies and solutions for all types of businesses.

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

  • Feature
    1. Main body adopts welded structure and single section design, that is made of SPCC materials. Loading capability is about 60 kgs.
  • 2.Vertical rails that meet ANSI/EIA RS-310-D standard can fit different 19” standard equipment.
  • 3.Movable slide side pillars can fit different depth equipment.
  • 4.Top panel with fan unit to make theventilation of equipment.
  • 5.Cable entry on the top cover and bottom panel with brush panel.
  • 6.Tempered glass front door with a handle lock, that door frameshave vented and blue trim strips. The front door can be opened about 180 degree, thatcan be easily assembled and disassembled without any additional tools.
  • 7. The side panel can be easily assembled and removable without any hand tools, and with the round lock.
  • 8. Power strip inside (6-way 110V), it's also passing UL certified.
  • 9. The standard color is black color for powder coated.
  • 10. Standardization for specification, prompt delivery.


Model No.U
Outside Height
Inside Height
Outside Depth
SWA3-6-0650 6U 368 267 500
SWA3-6-0660 6U 368 267 600
SWA3-6-0850 8U 457 356 500
SWA3-6-0860 8U 457 356 600
SWA3-6-0950 9U 501 400 500
SWA3-6-0960 9U 501 400 600
SWA3-6-1050 10U 546 445 500
SWA3-6-1060 10U 546 445 600
SWA3-6-1250 12U 634 533 500
SWA3-6-1260 12U 634 533 600
SWA3-6-1550 15U 768 667 500
SWA3-6-1560 15U 768 667 600


※Dimensional tolerances = ±3mm
※1U=1.75inchs=44.45mm, standard unit=mm