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Aisle Containment system

“Aisle Containment system” means to build airflow containment between 2 rack rows in date center, which allow hot and cold air flows systematically separated without mixed. This system not only increase cooling efficiency but also reduce electricity costs from air conditioning.

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

Problems may occur

1.Data room space is too crowded to place equipment, how to make space usage more efficiency?
2.Air conditioners are always not enough?
3.Electricity costs higher and higher each year?
4.Need to build social image for your business and work with green energy、be nice to earth?
5.PUE of data room actually inefficiency?
6.Equipment error without reason result works and process stopped?
7.Multiple cooling fans in wrong place makes cooling inefficiency?
8.Need of data centers as awesome Crafts?
9.Need of solution with efficiency and better costs?

EA-HWA solutions

More than 20 years’ experience on data centers, which include area exploration, planning, Integration, Sheet metal, manufacturing and assembling to provide the most complete data center solution.

Cooling system

EA-HWA has water-cooled, air-cooled, whole room cooled, single rack cooled, horizontal cooled air conditioners may combined with upper, downer, side air outlets, turned cooling system, environment control system to guide the air to places of equipment required more efficiency and manage the reflow of hot air.

Design of Racks

Design for cabling, opening, quake-proof, air flowdividing and combine with multiple 19” accessories which consider to make racks more stable, safely and provide the best cooling efficiency. When managed with data room space, floor space, environment and usage, we can create you the best cooling solution, and also makes your data center as the center of crafts.

Airflow guiding system

PUE is the significant indicator for both existing and new building green data centers in the future. The most advantage of EA-HWA is to produce in Taiwan, include air conditioner improvements, rack improvements, space movement, re-cabling, accessories added, air guiding systems, which are all can improve energy efficiency with better PUE rate. For air guiding system, we will consider upright space firstly, then rack rows placement, air flow tunnels, firefighting, and the total environment controls then make sure everything under your budget costs. The air guiding plates, curtains, doors, cabling panels all will be settled in most efficiency places which in order to manage both hot and cold air flows. We provide multiple materials and budgets for your requirement; also, connect and control the environment by remote control to use the electric automatic shutting system.