8 video TV wall

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8 Video TV Wall
Aluminum Extrusion

Surface treatment: anodized, ED
Description: The lightweight and high rigidity AL6063-T5 after anodizing or ED treatment, its surface become more beautiful and scratch resistant.

Alfa Frame System: Machine/Display equipment frame/Cover
Assembly/Packing equipment frame/Cover
Carrying/Transport linked automatic system
Standardization/Modular product
Motor/air compre/Sensor fixed frame
Electronic/Mini frame for semiconductor(wafer) cleanroom

Accessory Link

Standard normalized aluminum extruded structure’s T-grooved design, with complete module accessory can meet the need you want. It without complicated design and manufacture process that you can assemble the ideal framework fast.

A Continuous Line Service

Upon customer demand, EA-HWA provides design→cutting→processing→assembly→technical support a continuous line service.

Design:According to customer request to design the product and the modular software application can draw three-dimensional appearance quickly to provide drawing for customer confirmation.
Cutting: Use the newest aluminum extrusion cutting machine which every angle can changeable to cutting aluminum and the dimension tolerance can be less than 0.2mm and choose 0∘~90∘you want.
Processing: Use self-developed automatic precision machine that can process aluminum accurate fast without any defect.

Assembly: Professional technician assemble high-quality products.

Technical support: Provide professional research, design and technician support.

Aluminum Extrusion Frame Choosy Rules:

6 Series- (30,60,90 square) for medium and small sized housing, lightweight structures, conveyor… 8 Series- (40,80 square) for large sized housing, heavy structures, conveyor… Quick Assemble System depending on the thread of nut in the groove and different groove size to distinguish nuts. The nuts can be divided into M4, M6 and M8 series. Series: 4 series, 6 series, 8 series Nut size: 7mm, 10mm, 14mm Nut type: M4, M6、M5、M4、M3, M8、M6、M5、M4

Cutting Tolerance of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Cutting tolerance of aluminum extrusion is under +0.2mm of the assigned dimension and the cut slope can be chose between 0 degree and 75 degrees.

Use Time for Fixed Way

Blind Joint:For housing or light frame, need beautiful appearance and the frame corners will not interfere the corner brackets. Corner bracket: For steady structure, without beautiful demand and the allowable range of corner brackets take place.

Features for Quick Assemble System

High strength and lightweight

Beautiful appearance and concise

Normalization of module structure

Simplify design and reduce cost

Increase additional value of products

Establish a clean work environment

Reduce the overall cost


Including optoelectronics industry(discs and flat monitor industry), the semiconductor industry, food-packing, testing machines, printing machinery factory, machinery arms and security fences of various machines etc., also provides field measurement and construction service.



Item 8 video TV wall
Material AL+SPCC
Color Black color
Dimension W2800*H3000*D120


※Standard unit = mm
※Dimensional tolerances ±1mm
※If you need other dimensions, please feel free to contact us.