NE2 High-Quality Enclosures

19"/23" Server Racks - WD series are accordance with ANSI/EIA RS 310-C/D and certified by UL, CE, MIL-STD-167 vibration test, MIL-STD-810F vibration test, GR63-Zone4 and pressing certified that can bear loads above 2500 KGW, and have passed ISO 9001. 19"/23" server racks offer of complete network supplies and solutions for all types of businesses

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

Server Cabinets - NE2 Series  (Aluminum)
  • Main structure
    1.Its steady lightweight aluminum extrusion frame (material: AL6063T5) with 3 direction integrally molded corners casting (material: ADC12) to make frames more stable. In order to enhance shock resistance, it connects with three directions of XYZ axes by M5 HSCS and stainless steel framework, while exportation or a long distance delivery, there's flat pack on service to easily build on site which may reduce the cost of transportation.
  • Mounting vertical rails
    2.Mounting post rails that meet ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D standard can fit different 19" cabinet rack, ex: COMPAQ, SUN, IBM, HP, ACER...etc.
  • Mounting rail (material AL6063T5)
    3.It is movable to fit different depth of equipment. ※ High 35U above;Depth 90 cm under*4 pcs / each sets.
  • Top cover
    4. 2 ventilation fans and adjustable cover (3-pieces) to do dust-proof and cool down. (It's adjustable as per customer demand)
  • Bottom frame
    5. 3-pieces adjustable Bottom plate on the bottom frame which plate can be removed by cable entry.
  • Front and rear Door frames
    6.The doors are acrylic or standard vent doors for combined options including concealed locks and handles. It can be easily assembled and removed without tools. (There is also a honeycomb vent door for options that can reach 60% of heat removal.
  • Side panel
    7.The side panel can be easily assembled and removeable without tools.
  • Anti-vibration brackets
    8.The device can be set the 2.5" caster and the 4" leveling feet can poise the equipment.
  • Power strip inside (8-way 110V / 120V)
    9.It's passed UL certified. ( it's also available in customized specification)
  • Surface finish of the rack
    10.Applying powder coating to prevent from get rust, oxidization and scuffing damage etc.This is accordance with ROHS standard. Our standard color is white and black. (custom color also available)


Model No.U
Outside Depth
Inside Depth
Outside Height
Inside Height
NE2-30-90 30U 900 830 1548 1334
NE2-30-100 30U 1000 930 1548 1334
NE2-30-110 30U 1100 1030 1548 1334
NE2-35-90 35U 900 830 1770 1556
NE2-35-100 35U 1000 930 1770 1556
NE2-35-110 35U 1100 1030 1770 1556
NE2-41-90 41U 900 830 2037 1823
NE2-41-100 41U 1000 930 2037 1823
NE2-41-110 41U 1100 1030 2037 1823
NE2-42-90 42U 900 830 2082 1868
NE2-42-100 42U 1000 930 2082 1868
NE2-42-110 42U 1100 1030 2082 1868


19" 600 483 465 451
23" 702 584 567 553


※Available to customize
※1U=1.75inchs=44.45mm, standard unit=mm