GR Network Rack

GR series are full iron cabinets, it can solve the problem of the cabinet can not be flat pack, you can choose the different standard rear door, this is your new choice.

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

  • Main structure
    1.Modular design, made by SPCC, stable and strength. The main pillars combine with top and bottom frame fast that users can assemble by themselves easier to reduce freight cost.
  • Mounting vertical rails
    2.Mounting post rails meet ANSI/EIA RS-310-D standard that can fit different 19”equipments, ex: COMPAQ, SUN, IBM, HP, ACER…etc.
  • Top cover
    3.One-piece cover with two fans (4 fans type for oution) to do dust-proof and cool down.It’s convenient and fast for sticks main posts in lock, because top frame welds locational components together.
  • Bottom frame
    4.Convenient and fast for sticks main posts in lock, because bottom frame welds locational components together.
  • Main pillar
    5.Six bent steel posts to intensify the whole rack’s strength. Modular design that can combine and positionwith top & bottom frames fast, lock once completed.
  • Side panel
    6.The side panel can be easily assembled and removedwithout tools.
  • Honeycomb vent door
    7.It can reach 60% of ventilation rate.


Model No.U
Outward Depth
Outward Height
Outward Width
GR-2460 24U 600 1220 600
GR-2480 24U 800 1220 600
GR-24100 24U 1000 1220 600
GR-3760 37U 600 1798 600
GR-3780 37U 800 1798 600
GR-37100 37U 1000 1798 600
GR-4260 42U 600 2020 600
GR-4280 42U 800 2020 600
GR-42100 42U 1000 2020 600



※1U=1.75inchs=44.45mm, standard unit=mm
※*Available to customize