EH Series Console Desk

19" console desk is professional for Networking sysetm, computer supervising system and other computer equipment.

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

Arc Console Desk
  • 1. The main structural material is A6N01S-T5 aluminum.
  • 2. Desktops are made of plastic laminate that has options for the surface finish and pattern color as well as the cover panels.
  • 3. Modular construction of design based on different demands for accessories.
  • 4. The aluminum railing frames with groove structure are flexible for regular parts and accessories.
  • 5. Mounting rails are accordance with ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D standard.
  • 6. Top mounting rails can be lifted upward or downward as work platforms.
  • 7. Door frames both the front and rear are designed for quick disassembly, than doesn’t be used tools.
    (Door locks are an optional part upon request.)