Telecommunication Enclosures (Telco Rack)

Following the ANSI/EIA RS-310-C standard, our telecommunication enclosure is able to keep communicating far from exploding under sun, heat radiation, rain, air¡Ketc and provide water, humidity, dust and chemical resistance. This series ensures equipments work appropriately and offers the largest capacity for our customers.

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Telco Rack, Telecom Enclosures, Telecommunication Enclosure
  • Telecom Enclosures (Telco Rack) - Welding Type
  • Structure:
    Telecom Enclosures Assembled - Aluminum alloy (AL6063T5) Module extractions go for different requests (environment, function, cost…etc.) It can be adjusted easily during maintain process. No bolts appearance design keeps meaning intrude away.
  • Appearance:
    SGS & RoHS certificated outdoor powder coating provides oxygen, scratch, rust & corrode resistance and makes the enclosure a longer life. (Standard Color: White, it's available in different colors)
  • Heat Resource cutting off & Ventilation:
    Double sheets design gives at least 10 degrees lower then outer temperature at one point. After 3 fans work( 20W/per), extra 6 degrees lower is possible.
  • Telecommunication Enclosure: Water-Proof IP56 is offered.