SWA5 Combined Enclosures

SWA5 19" Wall-Mount Rack series are accordance with ANSI/EIA RS 310- D and certified by UL, CE, and has passed ISO 9001. 19”Wall-Mount Racks offer of complete network supplies and solutions for all types of businesses.
Designed to storage rack-mount equipment for cabling, telecommunications, IT, industrial and home installations.

※Photos and pictures are for reference only, please be based on the actual products.

  • Feature
    1.Main structure can beassembleanddesign by single section,which made of SPCC materials.Loading capability is about 60 kgs.
  • 2.Vertical rails meet ANSI/EIA RS-310-D standard, which can mount different 19” standard equipment.
  • 3.Sliding rails makes mounting posts adjustable which can fit different depth of equipment.
  • 4.Top panel with 2 of120mm*120mm fansfor equipment hot exhaust.
  • 5.Cable entry on the top cover and bottom panel with knock-out plate.
  • 6.The front door is tempered glass with a round lock.L-shaped spring pin make front doorcan be installed faster to the frame and easily to change the opening direction. Door plates can be fast assembled.
  • 7.Removable side panels simplified your installation of accessories and monitoring of IT equipment.
  • 8.Cabinets can be served with flat-packed, which can reduce logistic costs and easier to transport.When flat-packed, only 1/3 of assembled volume left. Structure ofWall-Mount Cabinetis perfect, extremely easy for assembling. It only takes 5 minutes for a skillful person to build a whole cabinet.
  • 9.Standard color: Black, powder coating.
  • 10.Hardwares: ≦12U: 12 sets cage nuts
    >12U: 24 sets cage nuts

SWA5 Wall Rack Size of Standard Model - W600MM

 Model No.U
Outside Height
Inside Height
Outside Depth
SWA5-0645 6U 370 267 450
SWA5-0650 500
SWA5-0660 600
SWA5-0945 9U 500 400 450
SWA5-0950 500
SWA5-0960 600
SWA5-1245 12U 635 533 450
SWA5-1250 500
SWA5-1260 600
SWA5-1550 15U 770 667 500
SWA5-1560 600

※Dimensional tolerances = ±3mm
※1U=1.75inchs=44.45mm, standard unit=mm